Back to School 2010

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As we all know. It is back to school time well a couple weeks into school already and there have been many changes to the High School and Middle School and some Elementary schools.  With class sizes going up about 5-10 kids a class. Sports and co curricular prices going up it is a hard year for us students. Plus teachers putting all the text books online. Text books online may sound like a good idea at first but to us students it is starting to become a pain. Everything is now online for us at Rosemount High School. Everything from grades which has always been online to textbooks and to homework assignments. Everything online may sound like a good thing but what about the kids that don’t have internet connection or don’t have time to get to the computer to check homework or go to the online textbook.  My smallest class size at the High school is 35 this year and last year it was 25. That is up 10 students this year. But my largest class this year is 40 and last year my largest class was 30. I have heard rumors that 2 years ago the bus company cut there routes down and the year after they had a 2 million dollar surplus. So why not cut the not so big activity’s in all schools over cut the huge sports at the middle school  like Baseball (Americas pastime), Softball and Football. They could cut the activity buses last year instead of this year because if a parent should be able to pick up their son/daughter if they sign them up for an after school activity.  One last thing that sucks for High school students and maybe Middle School students  is that prices for Ala- cart items have gone up and the proportions for all food items have gone down. Last year to get a decent size brownie it cost’s us students $1.00. This year the size has shrunk and the price has gone up to $1.50. I am going to end this entry on a bright side with the RHS marching band having placed 1st at Marshall. Plus the Irish football team is 3-0 now.

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