Moodle Is The Life At District 196

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Big changes this year have been made at the High school. From larger class sizes to the new freshman and most differently Home an quizzes. Homework and Quizzes have moved online this year due to the larger class sizes. I recently blogged about this and this one is a follow up. I talked to a few teachers asking them what they think about Moodle. Most of the teachers I asked said they like it because it makes grading assignments easier. They also like it because they can make sure students have assignments done on time and are not doing them before class. Only one of the teachers I asked said that they disliked it. He disliked it because he thinks that there is too much technology in the students life. He also thinks that teaching should go back a few years where everything was by hand and without the computer.

I think that Moodle should be for quizzes only because what about. The kids who have a study hall and wait to do homework at that time. Kids waiting till the last minute has always been part of a kids life. Well most kids life. With Moodle technology at school is getting too involved in the students life. Schools want us to be on the computer less but all Moodle is doing is making us be on the computer more.

In other news the RHS Marching Band is down in St.Louis MO for the annual BOA competition
and Rosemount takes on Eastview tonight at home and the game is Pink Out to support Breast Cancer. So remember to wear pink tonight and if the Irish win they will remain undefeated. So LET’S GO IRISH!!!!!

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