A Joke Gone To Far

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This past Thursday 12/09/2011 Rosemount High School had there winter pep fest. What started out as a normal pep fest ended horribly for many. The prank started out with the winter captains of the sports teams lined up facing a senior of the opposite gender but then were blindfolded. The seniors were then switched out with one of there own parents. See video below for rest of details on the rest of the story.Pep Fest Kissing A prank Gone Wrong at RHS. There are mixed reactions to the video a lot of people saying that it is disgusting and others approving of it. In all sense in my opinion it is completely wrong and I am embarrassed to be at RHS right now. For example if it was a joke the mom and son wouldn’t have fallen to the ground while kissing. Also the mom shouldn’t have moved her sons hand to her but. In a lot of peoples minds this is called Incest which is ILLEGAL in this country and in a lot of peoples mind disgusting. According to Rosemount High School (RHS) principal John Wollersheim the video does not show the whole story and skews the meaning of it making it worse than it looks. First of all the only thing the people not at the pep fest missed was that there was a senior of the opposite gender in front of each of the captains to start with then they were blindfolded. The seniors were sat down and then out came the parents. Which in my opinion and a few fellow students of mine say it wouldn’t have made a difference at all. It still would have had the same meaning. Another thing Principal Wollersheim said was “Kids were laughing, the captains and their parents were down there hugging, and talking, no-one thought it was negative.” If you ask me along with many other students that did not look like they were talking or hugging at all down there it actually looked like they were kissing. With the negative part students around me at the pep fest thought it was disgusting and embarrassed about it. The ones that didn’t mind it were the people that don’t care about stuff like that but the rest of us do care about that stuff and are embarrassed to be attending RHS. School Officials took down the first video that was posted to avoid spreading of the news about it but the day after it was taken down three or more new videos of the same one taken down were put up and are getting twice as many views as the first one was. Comments range from supporting it to saying how big of a mistake the school made. For example “I give them a week before a lawsuit….I can honestly say that I am ashamed to be attending Rosemount High school……I thought I would never say this…but…GO EASTVIEW.” I will not give the name of this fellow student who did not want to be named but does attend RHS. Another one says “what the f**k? why? who would agree to this? Kissing your Child? and it isn’t just kissing they are f***ing making out.” One last one says Blowing out of proportion???? Seriously, So there isn’t a mom that puts her son’s hand on her a**? So I’m imagining that? And there isn’t a Dad that moves in to make out with his daughter like some sort of peder-a**? Riiiiiiight. Yucky, icky, yucky, yuck pukey yuck, icky.” I will give you one last one real quick “LOL it was funny jeez. i wouldn’t be offended if i saw this. its not like it was extremely sexual or anything like that.” Many comments were removed from certain videos for unknown reasons. But Principal Wollersheim says he apologizes for any inconvenience this may have cause people and will NOT do this again as long as he is in control of this school.

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