Mankind Never Learns

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Mankind is stupid they never learn. People need to learn that history repeats itself and we need to learn from the previous mistakes to prevent it from happening again in the future in one shape of form or another.

For example look at the French Revolution and the Great Terror. First the Great Terror was led by Maximillian Robespierre who was a great debater of the French Revolution time period. He issued a Virtue of Terror which kept the whole country of France under great terror. The people of France were being spied on by their own people Robespierre did was have people spy on his fellow citizens and would interrogate them if they would be in suspicion of going against the Revolution. Now you had two options if you were being interrogated either a) keep your mouth shut or get your head chopped off or b) Give up other people to save your life and have them go through what you just did.  In the long run what Robespierre did eventually cost him his own life because the people were sick of all these innocent people dying for something that was driving this man paranoid leading him to kill more and more people.

The next example would be in WWII with Hitler and the killing of the Jewish community. Hitler killed over 100,000 innocent people a vast majority of them Jewish people. Hitler was killing the Jewish people because he thought he was doing the world a favor by getting rid of them. Again with him being paranoid led to him being killed/suicide whichever one you want to believe is up to you.

The next few examples can be lumped together with the United States being the center topic. Starting in Vietnam we lost over 100,000 innocent lives to fight a battle we weren’t even welcomed in. The United States was and is so self-centered that we think we have to get involved in every foreign affair possible. We went over to Vietnam uninvited lost over 100,000 of our people who were forced to go to fight a war that could NOT be won but were still forced over there. Plus we killed well over 100,000 of their people both North and South Vietnamese. We were fighting with the South and we were killing them. People still won’t admit that this is the only war America has lost because we knew we could not win this battle/war. The next one would be with the Middle East and the War on Terrorism (another unwinnable war.). We went over to the middle east in search of nuclear equipment but when the results turned up negative we refused to leave to eliminate al-qedia and set up our own form of government in these country’s which was another unattainable goal. We failed with that in Iraq. Yes they may have set up a democracy but it won’t last long because these people have no clue on what to do. The death toll in the Middle East is over 10000 innocent people killed. These people did not deserve to die so our egocentric presidents can mark it down as a win in our victory column.

Mankind is stupid and none of the ones with power never learn their lesson at all. All these people care about is getting there goal done, lying to the public to get what they need done and making sure they can put a tally in their own victory column at all costs necessary, even if it means killing innocent lives.

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