We Need People That Know How To Handle Money, Not People That Have Money!

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The election cycle for 2012 is in full swing with only 63 days to go till Election Day. That’s not that long if you think about. In Washington we need people that know how to handle money and can manage a budget, not people that have money and only think of themselves. That’s why for the Minnesota (MN) US Senate race Kurt Bills is perfect for the job and Amy Klobuchar doesn’t deserve the spot anymore.

Klobuchar has supported President Barack Obama 98 percent of the time including the major issues like Obamacare, the $787 billion dollar stimulus bill, and the Wall Street Bailouts. Which have all failed. When Klobuchar came into office she complained about a $300 billion dollar debt, but since then she has spent over $3 trillion dollars. Does that make any sense? No it doesn’t, most people call this hypocrisy. In the Senate interview for the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing of Elena Kagan, Klobuchar asks Hagan on her take of the Jacob and Edward Cullen debate on Twilight! Is this really necessary politicians shouldn’t be asking someone that will be making top notch justice decisions about a teen movie series. (Source: KurtBills youtube channel).

Enough about all the bad stuff that has happened in our nation’s history we can’t change it, but we can change the outcome of our future and Kurt Bills is the man to do that. Bills is a teacher of Economics at Rosemount High School for 15 plus years and knows what’s wrong with this country. He knows we shouldn’t be spending money we don’t have. He doesn’t have the millions of dollars that Klobuchar has but he sure is giving her a run for her money at the very least. Bills plan is to balance the National Budget in 5 years. Kurt has strong family values he has been married for 17 years and has 4 kids. Kurt understands what needs to get done because he has been teaching it for the past 15 years.

We don’t need the big shot lawyers out in Washington that don’t know a thing about handling money. We need someone that has first-hand experience and what better experience is there than being a person that teaches it to people for a living. Being elected to Washington is not about having money like it has been lately we need to change that and send somebody with not as much money and knows how to handle it. Kurt Bills is the best fit for the seat and he wants to bring Econ 101 to Washington and it’s time for that to happen. Obama and Klobuchar we Americans would like our change back.



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