Why Obama is Unfit For Office

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This election this year is a neck and neck race. But Obama is unfit for office and Romney deserves the victory.

One reason why Obama is unfit for office is that he lies constantly in office. For example when he took office back in 2008 he promised that he would not run for re-election if he could not get unemployment down below 5%. Has that happened yet? No it has not so why is he running for office after one failed promise. Also he covered up the recent terrorist attacks in Libya. He claims he didn’t know about the attack till two hours after the attacks but the truth is that he found out during the attack and decided not to do anything about it. How does a commander in chief not know that one of his embassies.

Another point is that when Obama came into office four years ago he said he would cut the deficit in half. Since then he has more than doubled the deficit. What type of promise is that? Not a very good one if you ask me. He was complaining about how much money George Bush had spent in office in an 8 year period but in 4 years spent Obama has spent the amount Bush spent in 8 years. Does this make any sense at all? If Obama does get re-elected all he will do is spend even more money we don’t have and cause the country to go even more bankrupt. I agree with Romney in the fact that we should not be borrowing money from China and cut programs that need to borrow money from them. Cut really isn’t the best word to use if anything the correct term that should be used is reform these programs for example PBS should put commercial in their programs, yes that includes Big Bird and the rest for Sesame Street gang.

Another point is that Obama just cares about partying with his celebrity buddies. I will quote The Late Debate on 1130 am that Obama is a good example of a Class President. Shouldn’t the President be more worried about foreign affairs and the problems going on in this country rather than who has more money with his celebrity friends? If it came down to it I would rather have a president that didn’t have know famous people as friends but rather ones that knew how to run a country.

These are just a few reasons why Romney would make a better president compared to our current President. We don’t need someone with celebrity friends, someone that covers stuff up, and one that runs on lies. I am endorsing Mitt Romney for president on my blog and think that he should win the election. If I could get one thing from Mr. Obama it would be for my change to be undone and returned to me because it has done nothing good for me.

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  1. Lettie says:

    Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for! I agree with you on your views we don’t need a “class” president we need someone that cares about the people of this country. If not we are going to h**l! Keep up the good writing. I know who I am voting for now Romney all the way. I started out undecided but when I read your article and a few others they have changed my view and I knew that Romney is the best fit for office.

  2. Mind Speaker says:

    Really cold post, highly beneficial and expertly written.. Good Job finally someone that speaks the truth keep up the good work. You have definetley changed my vote. I will be voting for Romney

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