Your Rights Are at Stake

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Our first constitutional amendment is at grave risk with our government. Not only the first but also the 2nd along with a few others at risk also but not as much.

First of all the most important freedom we are guaranteed by the government is the first amendment which is the freedom of speech or the freedoms amendment. This amendment basically gives us our freedom to allow us to do what we want. I say this amendment is in danger because the two guys who made the video out in California are that “supposedly” caused the outbreak in Libya and many other Muslim dominated countries are being charged as terrorists. In what mind are these guys supposed to be held accountable for it they were just exercising their first amendment right to freedom of speech and press just like I am doing by writing this article. If anything Obama should be held personally accountable for the attacks for ignoring requests for extra security. Mr. President claims that he had no notification of the request for extra security My question for the president is “How don’t you know that your own people are requesting extra security?” I have a very simple answer to this one HE DOES NOT CARE about our country and our people at all. All he cares about is himself and his celebrity friends. This goes back to my previously published article about why Obama is unfit for office. So I will stray back on topic. Then Obama decides to push it off and says he didn’t find out about it till 7 hours later when reality is he knew about ti right away and decided to push it ff for the same reason above that he does not care at all about the people of this country.

The next way are constitutional rights are at stake is your 2nd amendment right which is your right to bear arms. The right to bear arms gives you the right to conceal and carry and have firearms in your house.(With a license of course.)But due to recent outbreaks of shootings Democrats think we shouldn’t have the right to bear arms to reduce the amount of shootings. But these are just a few cases they had illegal weapons in the first place because it is already illegal to own SMG’s & LMG’s in this country as it is. If anything should be done is that there should be stricter background checks for people purchasing firearms. Also there should be a psychological exam they should have to pass too in order to conceal and carry and buy a gun in general.

We need to come together in this time of despair where our rights are in great peril. This country was founded on these rights and we shouldn’t lose them because people don’t like what they do with their rights. The 1st amendment right nobody should be punished for regardless of the outcome. With the 2nd amendment though people should have to go through critical checks to see if they are competent in having a firearm. If someone violates this right by shooting someone or having illegal firearms in their possession they should then lose their right to own a firearm at all.

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