Sick and Tired

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I am getting really sick and tired of hearing about these dumb people talking about the Boston Marathon bombing. I feel bad for the people that got hurt in the event and my prayers go out to them. But we do not need the event in a 24/7 news loop waiting for the most current (and most likely lies) to be reported. Events like this happen in the middle east due to are military but you don’t hear a dam thing about it.

I have stated this view to a bunch of people and some agree with me and some disagree with me. I have been called non american by these people, and for what? The person that has called my non American just happens to be a person from Canada here on a school visa maybe he is the next bombing person we need to look at. Also people have said that I have no heart at all. I have said I feel bad for the victims but I don’t feel any sympathy for the event itself.

The reason for this is because people get the idea to kill people to get there message heard. In all honesty I blame the media for this. The media likes to send the message that if you want to be heard go kill a bunch of people or some famous person. I have to point out a serious flaw in this argument though. Which is,  I know my voice is not really heard and I write a few different blogs and am very loud on Facebook but since this only gets to a limited number of people it is complete waste of time. But according to the media the alternative is to go shoot people but I have morals and a soul and know better than to do that because I value life.

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